The Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug

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Need a daily reminder of how screwed up things are? Then consider getting the Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug. The mug depicts the Bill of Rights, one of the most revered and essential documents of our nation. Congress has been picking away at these essential rights for a decade, and now you can actually see them disappear every time you pour in hot liquid. Oh, they don't all vanish -- your right to assemble and protest takes a hit, but your right to bear arms stays just where it was.

The 10 oz mug is microwave (but not dishwasher)safe and can be used by left and right handed people.

Product Features:
  • 10 oz.
  • Watch your civil liberties disappear over a hot cup of joe!
  • Disappearing mugs are not dishwasher safe.
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