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Now on to the product description:

Super Fly Monkey is the hottest gift/toy on the market!This flying monkey can soar as high as feet 50 in the air and screams as he flies (motion activated)! It's a great gift for anyone ages 5 to 95!

Operation: To operate the Flying Sock Monkey is simple:
1. Place your index and middle finger inside the two pockets located on Monkey's hands.
2. Pull back on the Monkey's legs to stretch the Monkey's arms. (7" maximum)
3. Aim upward, then release legs to launch.

Product Features:
  • Can soar as high as feet 50 in the air
  • Screams as he flies (motion activated)!
  • 9.5" tall
  • 100% Polyester
  • Color will be chosen at random
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