A Christmas Story Inspired - Full Scale Leg Lamp Wall Cling - It's a Major Award! SHIPS FREE!

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It has come to our attention that our Photoshop skills are hands down, the best in these United States and perhaps beyond. As such, many are mistaking this beautiful wall cling (fancy word for removable decal) as a real lamp. The reality is that this wall cling, while masterfully done, will not light your room or even "sit" on your table.

Everybody deserves a special award and what's more special than a Leg lamp? Nothing! Add instant class to any room with this Wall Cling. Put it on a wall above an end table and , voila! instant class! Need some class in the bathroom? Just throw this baby and the wall and, BAM! Instant class! You get the picture.

Printed on high quality, re-positionable, peel-and-stick paper and will look great in any room! Please note: To display in a window it must be placed on the OUTSIDE of the window.

Product Features:
  • 17.5" wide x 42.5" tall (approx.)
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